July 5, 2024

Welcome to Ofi Family Carnival Day Celebration 2024!

Hello! We at FunCo are thrilled to share the amazing experience we had at the Ofi Family Carnival Day 2024. This event was packed with fun, laughter, and delicious treats, making it a memorable day for everyone and especially the kids.

Let's dive into the details of the fantastic products and activities we brought to the carnival!

Delicious Treats to Satisfy Every Craving

Thai Rolled Ice Cream Live Station

Imagine watching your ice cream being made right before your eyes! Our Thai Rolled Ice Cream Live Station was a hit, with its mesmerising preparation process and delightful flavours.

Each roll was a work of art, and the kids (and adults!) couldn't get enough of it.

Tutu Kueh Live Station

Our Tutu Kueh Live Station brought a taste of tradition to the carnival. These steamed rice cakes filled with sweet coconut were a nostalgic treat for many, and a new favourite for others. The aroma alone was enough to draw a crowd!

Candy Floss Live Station

Who can resist the fluffy sweetness of candy floss? Our Candy Floss Live Station spun up clouds of sugary joy, with colours as vibrant as the smiles on everyone's faces. It was a true carnival classic that never disappoints.

Popcorn Live Station

Popcorn and carnivals go hand-in-hand, and our Popcorn Live Station delivered the perfect snack. Freshly popped and deliciously buttery, it was the ideal treat to munch on while enjoying the festivities.

Churros Live Station

Warm, crispy churros dusted with cinnamon sugar – need we say more? Our Churros Live Station served up these delectable treats with a side of chocolate dipping sauce, making it a crowd favorite.

Satay Live Station

The aroma of grilled satay filled the air, tempting everyone to our Satay Live Station. Juicy, flavourful skewers of meat paired with a rich peanut sauce made for a mouth-watering experience that was hard to forget.

Hot Dog Bun Live Station

For those craving a savoury snack, our Hot Dog Bun Live Station was the place to be. Classic hot dogs with all the toppings you could want were served up hot and fresh, satisfying every appetite.

Ramly Burger Live Station

Our Ramly Burger Live Station was an absolute showstopper! Juicy, flavourful chicken patties wrapped in an egg and loaded with sauces and veggies created the ultimate street food experience. It was a delicious treat that had everyone coming back for seconds.

Exciting Games for All Ages

Harvest the Egg Table Top Game

FunCo's Harvest The Egg Table Top Game was an egg-citing challenge! Participants had to carefully harvest as many eggs as they could without dropping them. It was a test of skill and patience that brought out everyone's competitive spirit.

Fishing Table Top Game

Our Fishing Table Top Game had everyone hooked! With magnetic rods and colourful fish, it was a delightful game that tested players' hand-eye coordination. Perfect for kids and adults alike.

DIY Shrink Art Activity

The DIY Shrink Art Activity was a creative haven. Participants designed and coloured their own pieces, which were then shrunk into miniature masterpieces. It was a fun and unique way to take home a personal souvenir.

Match The Colour Table Top Game

This game was all about quick thinking and colour recognition. Players had to match colours as fast as they could, making it a fun and fast-paced activity that kept everyone on their toes.

Shoot The Alien Table Top Game

Aliens beware! Our Shoot The Alien Table Top Game challenged participants to aim and shoot down alien targets. It was a blast for all ages, combining fun and a bit of friendly competition.

Finish the Race Table Top Game

Ready, set, go! The Finish the Race Table Top Game had participants racing to the finish line in various fun and quirky ways. It was a lively and energetic activity that brought out everyone's inner athlete.

Feed the Lion Table Top Game

The Feed The Lion Table Top Game was a roaring good time! Participants had to feed the lion by tossing balls into its mouth. It was a fun and engaging challenge that was harder than it looked!

Wild Wild West Table Top Game

Yeehaw! Our Wild Wild West Table Top Game transported players to the wild west, where they had to aim and hit targets in a cowboy-themed setting. It was a rootin' tootin' good time for all.


The Ofi Family Carnival Day 2024 was an incredible event, filled with delicious food, exciting games, and unforgettable memories. At FunCo, we love bringing joy and fun to every event, and this carnival was no exception.

Thanks to everyone who joined us, and we can't wait to see you at our next event!











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