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Explore an extensive collection of affordable arcade machine rental in Singapore at Funco! Discover favourites like the Claw machine, Basketball machine, Daytona, and Bishi Bashi among others. We continually refresh our inventory with new additions every quarter, so watch for the latest and updated arcade machines!

Beer Pong Table Game Rental

Party on with our epic Beer Pong Table, the ultimate carnival game!

Skee Ball Rental

Roll, aim, win! Skee ball frenzy for a ballin' good time!

Small Bottle Ring Toss Rental

Bag big wins with our pint-sized bottle ring toss game!

Fast Hands Rental

Quick! Test your reflexes with our lightning-fast carnival game!

Double Shot Basketball Rental

Score big with our Double Shot basketball carnival game!

Buzz Wire with LED (Medium) Rental

Light up the carnival with electrifying buzz wire challenges!

Tug of War Rope Rental

Get your grip on the ultimate tug of war showdown!

Electronic Animal Rides Rental

Go wild with our electrifying animal ride game. No reservations needed!

Large Jenga Rental

Stack the fun with our colossal Jenga game!

Inflatable Pony Ride Rental

With our inflatable pony ride rental in Singapore, bring joy to every event! Perfect for kids of all ages, our pony rides is the ideal addition to any party!

Inflatable Penalty Shoot Out Rental

Kick, aim, and score big with our hilarious Inflatable Penalty Shoot Out!

Inflatable Hovering Air Ball Rental

Float your way to fun with our incredible hovering air ball!

Inflatable Plinko Rental

Win big with our inflatable Piinko for a carnival experience like no other!

Inflatable Soccer Dart Rental

Kick it, aim it, score big fun with our Inflatable Soccer Dart!

Inflatable Rugby Rental

Get a kick out of our bounce-tastic! inflatable rugby!

Inflatable Basketball Rental

Bounce your way to victory with our inflatable basketball!

Inflatable Baseball Rental

Swing for the fences with our bouncy baseball fun!

Inflatable Snowball Rental

Strike a home run with our bouncy Inflatable Softball!

Inflatable 3 in 1 Rental

Experience the ultimate inflatable thrill - bouncy fun in 3 amazing ways!

Inflatable Archery Rental

Hit the bullseye with in our inflatable archery!

Inflatable Dart Game Rental

Strike the bullseye with our inflatable dart game!

Inflatable Outer Space Balls Rental

Shoot for the moon with our Outerspace Balls game!

Inflatable Basketball Shot Rental

Shoot hoops, win prizes, and feel like an MVP!

Inflatable On Point Rental

Level up the fun with our inflatable on-point carnival game!

Inflatable Bullhorn Toss Rental

Go wild with our bouncy bull horn toss challenge!

Inflatable Milk Can Toss Rental

Topple the milk cans, win the game!

Inflatable Cowboy Face Off Rental

Yee-haw! Show off your bull-riding skills in our wild inflatable cowboy face-off!

Inflatable Tic Tac Toe Rental

Play tic tac toe like never before with our wacky inflatable challenge!

Inflatable Western Hoop Rental

Test your aim in the Wild West with our inflatable hoop carnival game!

Inflatable Traffic Light Rental

Light up your carnival with our wacky inflatable traffic light game!

Inflatable Shuffle Ball Rental

Win big with our bouncy shuffle ball frenzy!

Inflatable Racetrack Rental

Race to victory on our bouncy inflatable race track!

Inflatable Cash Flow Rental

Make it rain with our inflatable cash flow carnival game!

Inflatable Balloon Dome Rental

Get Balloon Bouncing Fun Under Our Giggle Dome!

Inflatable Wrecking Ball Rental

Knock down the competition in this bouncy wrecking ball challenge!

Top Inflatable Human Foosball Rental

Experience the ultimate soccer showdown with our bouncy Human Foosball game!

Inflatable Hungry Hippo Rental

Dive into inflatable hilarity with our Hungry Hippo carnival game!

Inflatable Wave Surfer Rental

Ride the wild waves at our inflatable surfer carnival game!

Boom Blaster Rental

Pop, pop, party! Boom Blaster brings balloon-popping to you!

Sumo Wrestler Rental

Knock out your friends with our Sumo Wrestler Carnival Game!

Inflatable Whip Out Rental

Float, dodge, win! Stay afloat or it's game over!

Inflatable Gladiator Dome Rental

Conquer the Gladiator Dome for non-stop laughter and bouncy fun!

Inflatable Bungee Run & Basketball Rental

Get ready to bounce and shoot your way to victory!

Inflatable Rodeo Bull Rental

Yee-haw! Tame the wild rodeo bull and win the ultimate challenge!

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FunCo | Event Carnival Planner & Rental Singapore
Joel Ngo
14 Reviews
• 2024
Awesome ice cream waffle live station! Staff were super friendly and helpful :)
Johanna Margaret
14 Reviews
• 2024
Very easy to communicate and tie down details. Flexible with arrangements too. My guests were super impressed, and we're happy customers of FunCo. Will definitely keep FunCo in mind for future events!
Eleanor Koh
1 Review
• 2024
Thank you Felicia for the past few weeks! Grateful for you guys and thankyou for the quick turnaround
2 Reviews
• 2024
they were easy to work with. able to answer my enquiries quickly and efficiently. affordable prices as well
Shawn Ng
4 Reviews
• 2024
Engaged them for a carnival, everything was done so professionally and prompt. Set-up was immaculate which really gave off the vibes of a proper carnival. Felicia even went the extra mile to help finish preparing all extra portions of food even though it was past..
Jim Ng
Local Guide • 23 Reviews
• 2024
Love the live food stations 👍👍👍 Promptly set up and on time!
Shelim Sim
1 Review
• 2024
team is very organised and friendly. they responded back quickly and managed to make my daughter birthday a dream come true even though i had high expectation and they made it better than i expected
Charis Chua
3 Reviews
• 2024
staff were patient and friendly! had a good experience 👍🏻
Charlene Ho
14 Reviews
• 2024
Amazing lion dance troupe! First off, the coordinator Jeremyy is very responsive, professional and friendly. Secondly, we couldn’t praise the lion dance troupe enough for their spectacular performance! Highly recommended!
Calista Tay
2 Reviews
• 2024
Thanks Keith, Wei Jie and Ah Boy. Perfect teamwork and great support. Thumbs up.
Raja Selva
2 Reviews
• 2024
The lion dance was so super and felicia will be giving us the 5 stars services and we'll communicate with us. Thanks felicia for your support.
Juls. A
4 Reviews
• 2024
Recomend and awesome performance...
Andrew Chong
2 Reviews
• 2024
Their customer services are very good! Thanks for the prompt replies and awesome services! Will recommend for celebrations!
Kenneth Lim
11 Reviews
• 2024
amazing lion & dragon dance performances, keith was also a credible boss with constant updates and ensured a smooth process
2 Reviews
• 2024
My friends really liked the food at the live stations and we had a great time! Will definitely contact them again for my next event👍👍
R Vespula
5 Reviews
• 2024
Thank you Joshua and team for making the event memorable.
Rachel _
5 Reviews
• 2024
We engaged FunCo for our school event, and the food stations were very well received by the students! Kudos to the friendly and professional staff who came down earlier to set up :))
Local Guide • 11 Reviews
• 2024
Fantastic event, Fun Co! 🎉 From start to finish, the energy was contagious, and the attention to detail made it a memorable experience. Kudos to the team for organizing such a successful and enjoyable gathering! Looking forward to the next one!
1 Review
• 2024
The team were super organised in their planning, super cool people, they made the event all happen smoothly. Highly recommended!
JunMing Wee
1 Review
• 2023
I had the pleasure of working with Joshua and his team for our recent corporate event, and I must say the experience was great. From the initial enquiry to the event day, their team demonstrated professionalism and attention to detail.
Jefferson Yeo
1 Review
• 2023
We had a great time working with the FunCo crew! Joshua not only met but above my needs, demands, and expectations. I heartily suggest taking a look at Funco because they offer a variety of funfair activities, snacks and much more!

Ain Hairuddin
6 Reviews
• 2023
FunCo was a very responsive and accommodating event planner who helped us with our football event! Will definitely consider again. Appreciate that they could also assist with the green screen background to suit with the football theme.

Pei Yi Toh
3 Reviews
• 2023
Great experience with FunCo! Highly recommended & will return to them for future parties :)
Kelvin Ho
3 Reviews
• 2023
Funco provides a wide variety of events solutions. Dealing with Joshua and his team is a breeze and they are very prompt in respond. No hussle at all. Highly recommended to all who need events set up needs.
Jerry Toh
Local Guide • 11 Reviews
• 2023
We booked funco for our children day event. They have a lot of choices from small to big bouncing Castle for different type of ages. The kids love it and we will book their service for next year children day. 5 star's for their bouncing Castle.
Gena Lim
1 Review
• 2023
100% highly recommended!!! My halloween event decorations was stunning and the live food station taste great.. I have to also thank Joshua for going the extra mile to get our last minute bubble making machine addition for the event.
Joel Tan
3 Reviews
• 2023
Thank Joshua and team!!! My colleagues love the popcorn & candyfloss stations… the customised backdrop, photo booth and av system was actually nice recommendation. no regets!! Event was a success.
Thomas Goh
Local Guide • 128 Reviews
• 2023
This a long overdue review for FunCo.Keith delivered what was agreed during our many many discussions. He not only remembered what were my requirements but he went above and beyond.Live (cooking) stations - PERFECT!
1 Review
• 2023
Perfect Bouncy Castle for a birthday! Even for indoor: When the kids have fun and are screaming and laughing you do not hear the air machine anymore. The Clown Bouncy Castle is built up with air in less than 60 seconds.
liangjing goh
1 Review
• 2023
it was a fun exciting and great with families and friends! both adults and kids loved it till they played from night to morning 🤣🎊 is a good recommend if want to have a fun gathering session/party!
Wai Yi Yik
Local Guide • 19 Reviews
• 2023
I loved working with Joshua and his team and if you plan events - you’ll wish you had the catalogue for what Funco offers! Joshua and his team pulled together an amazing mini carnival for my team in just under a week.
Joeann L
1 Review
• 2023
It was a great experience working with Keith and Team!!

Discover Why Customers Choose Funco’s Arcade Machine Rental Services

At FunCo, we bring you the ultimate gaming experience with our top-notch arcade machine rental services in Singapore. Whether you're planning a birthday bash, corporate gathering or any special occasion, we have the perfect gaming solution.

1. Fun Selection Of Arcade MACHINES

We offer a wide variety of arcade machines featuring classic favourites and modern hits. From Spiral Capsule Ball Machine and Drum Mania to Air Hockey Table and Arcade Basketball, there is something for everyone in our collection.

2. Quality Assurance

Our machines are meticulously maintained to ensure they operate flawlessly, providing a seamless gaming experience at your event.

3. Quality Assurance

Our machines are meticulously maintained to ensure they operate flawlessly, providing a seamless gaming experience at your event.

4. Customisable Packages

Choose from flexible rental packages tailored to your needs. We offer competitive pricing and transparent terms, so you know exactly what you're getting.

5. Professional Service

Our experienced team handles everything, from delivery and setup to pickup, making your rental experience hassle-free.

6. Event Enhancement

Our arcade machines are the perfect addition to birthdays, seminars, corporate team-building events, weddings, and more. They add a fun and interactive element that guests will love.

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FAQs About Funco

FAQs About Arcade Machine Rental Services In Singapore

Do You Offer Long-Term Rentals For Corporate Events?

Yes, we do. Whether it's a short-term party or a long-term corporate event, we have flexible rental options to meet your requirements.

What Is The Rental Duration For Arcade Machines, And Can I Extend It If Needed?

Our rental durations are flexible, ranging from a few hours to several days. If you need to extend the rental duration during your event, simply get in touch with us, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Is There A Minimum Order Quantity For Arcade Machines, Or Can I Rent A Single Machine?

We can accommodate both small and large orders. Whether you need a single arcade machine or a fleet for a larger event, we have you covered. There's no minimum order requirement.

Are The Arcade Machines Suitable For Outdoor Events, Or Are They Only For Indoor Use?

Our arcade machines are designed primarily for indoor use, but some can be used outdoors under specific conditions. Please discuss your event location with us so we can recommend the most suitable machines and setup.

Are There Any Age Restrictions For Renting Arcade Machines For Events?

There are typically no age restrictions for renting arcade machines. These machines are suitable for all age groups and can add entertainment value to a wide range of events, from children's parties to corporate gatherings.