March 29, 2024

FunCo Delivers a Blast at the Kate Spade Gachapon Activation Event!

We at FunCo are absolutely buzzing with excitement to share the fantastic outcome of the recent Kate Spade Gachapon Activation Event! It was a whirlwind of fun, colour, and joy, and we're thrilled to have been a part of it.

Customised Gachapon Machines

Our team pulled out all the stops to bring Kate Spade's vision to life with not one, but two customised Gachapon machines on two separate days! Picture-perfect and tailor-made, these machines added an extra splash of personality to the event.

Green, Blue, and Yellow Delights

The heart of the event, of course, were those delightful 10cm capsule balls, bursting with colours that made every guest's eyes light up! From the vibrant greens and blues to the sunny yellows, each capsule held a promise of surprise and delight.

A Huge Thank You to Kate Spade

To Kate Spade and the entire team, we want to extend our deepest gratitude. Thank you for trusting FunCo to bring your vision to life! It was an absolute pleasure working with such a creative and inspiring bunch.

Choose FunCo for Your Next Unforgettable Event!

If you're looking to add that extra spark to your next event, look no further than FunCo! Contact us via Whatsapp or Email at From customised activations to a wide array of rental services, we're here to turn your event dreams into reality. Let's make successful events together!

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